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I belong to Seven Hills Scooter Club in Sheffield and we support Bluebell Wood Children’s Hospice, a truly wonderful place that looks after sick kids and tries to make their lives a bit more comfortable.

We have raised thousands of pounds over the last seven years for local charities but this one is closest to our hearts.

Each year in July we have a rally here In Sheffield, which we call Hammered and we try to raise as much money as we can for the kids.

I try to do some stunt or other each year and ask for sponsors.

One year I grew my hair for four months , and as a baldy for 25 years it drove me crazy, and I had it shaved off at the rally.

It was a bit cruel of the lads to shave my eye brows off as well.

There is friendly banter about which scooters are best.

We Vespa owners feel sorry for the Lambretta lot and say they spend more time pushing their scooters than riding them.

While we were having a banter I said I would come out in sympathy with them and push my Vespa to a rally this year, and I decided that this year’s Hammered was the one.

Martin and the lads from Ron Daley’s Scooter Shop in Barnsley have kindly donated a Vespa, fully painted in Bluebell Wood’s logo and I have to push it from their shop to the rally, just under 15 miles.

So on July 18 I will be pushing the scooter all the way, leaving Barnsley about 9am and it will take me, hopefully, about sixhours.

On the day walking with me will be my good mate Tony Cronshaw who is heavily involved with the Justice for Matthew charity or MATFEST and we will be collecting money in our buckets which will go towards building a youth centre in Mathew’s name.

Matthew was tragically killed whilst holidaying in Greece a few years ago.

If any of your readers would like to donate to either cause that would be brilliant and much appreciated.

For Matthew donate on the route or at the rally or for Bluebell Wood vist my Facebook page Steve kirky Kirkland and look for the Just Giving page.

I would also like to say a big thank you to Dawn, my understanding wife, who I married at last year’s Hammered rally, meaning that July 18 is our first wedding anniversary.

I am sure we will manage a bit of a celebration when I limp home .

Steve Kirkland

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