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PREVENTION is always preferable to cure. And we hope that preventative measures to avoid the outrageous behaviour experienced elsewhere from breaking out in our area do the trick.

Police and their partners have been holding meetings to update each other on their proposed responses should trouble break out here.

But these go hand in hand with a lot of behind-the-scenes work to engage community leaders and locally-based council professionals to spread the word to keep calm in our neighbourhoods.

The message is simple: communities must stand together while at the same time making the region’s young people aware that they should never cross the line of acceptable behaviour.

Foremost of those with a role to play are parents. They know their children better than anyone and have a responsibility to ensure that they are not drawn into the lure of copycat behaviour.

But if the worst should happen, the people of South Yorkshire will expect the police to be nothing but forthright in how they protect property and people against anyone who sees this moment as a chance to help themselves to what belongs to someone else.

Be generous and make a difference

FIGURES out today show that people are beginning to take the brave step to allow their late loved ones’ organs to be used for transplant.

For the number of families of people who were found to be clinically brain dead and gave permission for the procedure rose from 12 to 17 for kidneys to be transplanted .

Overall 67 people in Sheffield were given life-changing chances of new kidneys through transplant operations.

These are truly generous gestures and reflect massively on the humanity of the individuals involved.

We hope that readers follow this example and think long and hard about giving permission for organs to be used either after their death or when there is a tragedy involving someone near and dear to them. It makes a difference.

Victoria is choice

WE are a long way from the days when a high speed rail route links Sheffield with the capital but it pays to think ahead and decide where a local station should be positioned. No location has yet been agreed but city MP Clive Betts believes Meadowhall area could be a possibility, giving better access to a wide range of people. But the fact remains that the majority of inter-city travellers are from Sheffield and the benefits of a faster connection to London would be overcome by the need to travel out to the Rotherham boundary. The old Victoria Station site would be an ideal choice for city travellers and ought to be given due consideration.