"He'll not be leaving alive": Death threats made against Doncaster "killer clown"

A Doncaster "killer clown" who has resurfaced on Facebook has been issued with death threats after threatening to visit a local village this weekend.

Thursday, 13th October 2016, 1:26 pm
Updated Tuesday, 25th October 2016, 4:33 pm
The Doncaster Clown Facebook page.

A character known as Doncaster Clown, which has its own Facebook page with nearly 4,000 fans, took to social media to announce that it was heading to Rossington and wrote: "I'll be in Rosso this weekend giving out free hugs and balloons. See you soon."

The character's re-emergence comes after a six month absence and in the wake of the killer clowns craze sweeping the UK.

But the clown has been warned to stay away from the area and issued with death threats as reports of vigilante groups attacking clowns across Britain continue to rise.

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Matty Frost wrote: "If he comes to Rosso he will be not leaving alive with the amount of people wanting to see his blood running down the road."

Jack Hurp Trace Tracey wrote: "Good f***** luck mate your nose won't be the only thing squeaking when all of rosso are chasing you."

Aj Donnelly wrote: "Honestly first clown I see in Rosso is getting ran over" while Alex O'Reilly wrote: "I live round the corner from there. If I see you you're getting belted with a shovel you daft ****."

Steve Maidens added: That's just across my house Mr Muppet. Hope you can run when I smash your skull into the ground and give this town some b***** peace."

Others have urged the clown to visit their own local villages. Previously, Doncaster Clown has threatened to visit Askern and Edlington since its re-emergence.

The clown's Facebook page has seen its number of fans rocket in recent days as the craze continues to grip the country.