Heavy rainfall leads to rise in leaky roofs

Jessica Unwin, of Low Edges, and son Cayden, aged two, and the collapsed ceiling.
Jessica Unwin, of Low Edges, and son Cayden, aged two, and the collapsed ceiling.
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A SINGLE mum has been left with this big hole in her ceiling for more than a week – after heavy rain caused a deluge of roof repairs across Sheffield.

Sheffield Homes tenant Jessica Unwin, of Low Edges Crescent, Low Edges, came home to find part of her lounge ceiling had come down because of a leak in the roof.

She reported it – but was still waiting for repairs eight days later, and feared son Cayden, aged two, could be hurt if it happened again.

There has been a 40 per cent increase in roof repairs caused by heavy rain, said Sheffield Homes.

A spokesman said contractors were working as quickly as possible.

Jess, who has now had her roof repaired and is waiting for the ceiling to be fixed, said: “The hole is about the size of a 42 inch television – luckily we were out when it happened because it could have killed Cayden.

“I reported it on the Monday and a man came out to clear most of the mess up the same day, and I was told it would be fixed on the Friday.

“By then I was having to use buckets to catch water that was leaking through.

“I think it’s disgusting it took this long.

“People that I have told can’t believe it. What if some more had fallen down and hurt us?

“They know I have a child. If it was just me I’d keep away from it, but I can’t keep an eye on Cayden every second.”

Heavy rain has deluged Sheffield for the past few weeks – with nearly half a month’s worth falling in just 12 hours over Wednesday to Thursday morning.

A Sheffield Homes spokesman said: “Miss Unwin reported the damage to her ceiling on April 30. An officer visited her property shortly afterwards to make the damaged ceiling safe.

“Contractors repaired Miss Unwin’s roof on May 9.

“Due to the recent heavy rainfall we have had a 40 per cent increase in the number of roof repair requests and we are working as quickly as possible to complete these repairs.

“We have arranged with Miss Unwin to repair her ceiling on May 17.”