Heavy police presence in Sheffield suburb

Rushdale Road, Meersbrook
Rushdale Road, Meersbrook

There is a heavy police presence in a Sheffield suburb today, with a convoy of police cars and vans arriving on a street this morning.

Residents said there have been a number of police vehicles in and around Rushdale Road, Meersbrook, over the last two days.

A police van in Rushdale Road, Meersbrook

A police van in Rushdale Road, Meersbrook

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Today a convoy of cars pulled up on the street and on Monday night a police helicopter circled above.

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Details of the police incident being dealt with or operation under way have not yet been released by South Yorkshire Police.

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Rushdale Road is close to Meersbrook Park, where a man was shot on at 6.25pm last Thursday.

The 22-year-old victim was shot in his neck by a man who asked him for cash and cigarettes.

He was blasted in his neck and a bullet shattered his jaw and some teeth.

The victim's mum said he underwent a six hour operation to remove the bullet from his jaw and to fit a metal plate in his mouth after the shooting.

He was placed in an induced coma after the operation.

An update on his condition has not yet been released today.