Heaven and hell

I watched the final part of Keeping up with the Khans and I wondered is there another part of our city with a greater mixture of heaven and hell than the suburb of Page Hall?

Tuesday, 15th March 2016, 3:25 am
Updated Tuesday, 15th March 2016, 3:26 am
Page Hall

Heaven for the Slovakian Roma families who now have many of the things they could only dream about in their own country and hell for the locals who have lived there for years and whose lives have now been blighted by the influx of so many immigrants.

I realise that nobody is perfect, but most of us abide by the rules of decent, reasonable behaviour.

Shouldn’t the Roma community have been taught this before they were allowed to settle here?

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To see what the residents of this area have to put up with was disturbing and our councillors who are so proud of their much-vaunted City of Sanctuary should be asked to live there for a few weeks and see the rubbish on the streets, listen to the young children as they run around the streets late at night and hear the young men shouting as they gather in groups on street corners.

And I’m sure that that’s not the half of it as many of the local residents would probably tell us.

But returning to the final part of Channel 4’s programme, was it necessary to devote most of the programme to following a young couple around?

The woman was heavily pregnant and the man an alcoholic, and we had to watch as the woman vomited on the pavement in the city centre.

She subsequently had her baby and I can only hope that both are doing well and their lives together with the young man are improving.

JD Arnold