Heartbreaking story at Christmas

Illuminations in Abbeydale Park Rise.Illuminations in Abbeydale Park Rise.
Illuminations in Abbeydale Park Rise.
With Christmas fast approaching in what is supposed to be the season of goodwill there is a heartbreaking story in the escalation of Sheffield's tree felling saga more befitting to Charles Dickens classic of Ebenezer Scrooge.

I wonder how many people across the city are aware that on Abbeydale Park Rise for the past 20 years the residents have dressed their street trees with fairy lights every Christmas to the delight of everyone, especially children, and collect donations for St Luke’s Hospice. These healthy cherry trees were bought by the residents over 40 years ago and in Spring produce the most beautiful blossom and at Christmas people travel miles to see the lights.

The switch-on this year was last Friday, December 1, but Sheffield Council and contractors Amey are threatening to chop all the trees down before Christmas and the residents are now in the midst of a battle to try and save their trees.

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The council and Amey must have hearts of stone and Sheffielder’s need to ask themselves ‘Do we want our city to be run by these inhuman morons who have resorted to hiring a private security firm who are using violent methods of intimidation and assault, (all caught on video camera footage), against citizens exercising their legal right to protest peacefully?’

We are now witnessing just what lengths the council will go to to try and silence all those who oppose their horrific massacre of the city’s street trees.

With the action they have sanctioned in the last few days surely they have now crossed the line and taken a step too far in their manic obsession to hack down as many trees as possible. They should be ashamed as they are a disgrace to our city.

Susan Richardson

Westminster Crescent, Lodge Moor, Sheffield, S1