Heartache as pregnant Ella refused visa to live in UK with Sheffield boyfriend

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A FATHER-to-be is facing heartbreak after his pregnant Philippino girlfriend was refused a visa to enter the UK.

Marc Hanson, from Sheffield, fell in love with Ella Quepet three years ago when the pair were working on ferries from Hull.

After the Philippino staff were laid off in favour of Eastern Europeans, Ella returned to her homeland and Marc followed.

However, Marc is on a tourist visa so is unable to work and the couple, both aged 28, want to return to the UK with their baby.

Marc’s parents, Kim and Robert Hanson, who live in Walkley, are setting up a business and say they will offer their son a job.

They have also pledged to help the couple using their combined £70,000 annual income to ensure Ella is not a ‘burden’ on the state.

Ella, due to give birth to the couple’s son, George, in October, has also passed an English test. They applied with urgency aiming to obtain a visa well before her due date so she could make the flight safely.

But a change in the rules means third party income cannot be considered, and Marc must spend 12 months in the UK to ‘prove’ he can earn sufficient income.

Although he can bring George with him, Ella would have to stay behind in the Philippines pending a new visa application.

Marc said: “I think the situation stinks. Had we applied before June, before the rules changed, we would be in the UK by now. This decision will not only split myself and Ella apart but could force a child from his mother.”

Marc’s dad Robert Hanson, 55, said: “This is our first grandchild. We are very upset.”

Mum Kim, 50, added: “Ella has had issues of a medical kind, the latest scare being that the baby was found to have an irregular heartbeat. Investigations are ongoing. Additional stress caused during the visa application will not be helping her cause.”

The family is appealing against the decision by the UK Border Agency.