Heart boost thanks to Sheffield students

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Students from Sheffield Hallam University have given the British Heart Foundation a £12,000 boost - after donating all sorts of unwanted items.

An appeal resulted in almost 600 bags full of objects being donated as part of an end of term project.

The value of the average bag value was £20.

Students from the Hallam union have been running the recycling scheme alongside the university, the city council and British Heart Foundation.

Volunteers each spent 20 hours distributing donation packs in communities that have a strong student population, including the Broomhall, Sharrow Vale, Highfield and Sharrow areas.

Due to the amount of quality goods students have donated to the cause, donation banks that were placed around campus and halls of residence have remained as permanent fixtures.

Union welfare and community officer Emmet Cleaver said: “I am delighted at just how much students contributed to the initiative, and what a positive difference it will make for the BHF in terms of being able to buy vital lifesaving equipment. I am determined to make sure it is an even greater success in the future.”

And student community co-ordinator Serena Noble added: “After realising the amount of quality items students throw out each year when there are people living below the poverty line, I felt it was important to encourage students to recycle. It was important to provide them with a simple and convenient way of doing so. I was thrilled with how successful the scheme was.”