Healthy hearts for schoolkids

healthy hearts team
healthy hearts team
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A national charity has made it its mission to visit schools across South Yorkshire to raise awareness of healthy lifestyles, the importance of diet and exercise and of maintaining healthy teeth and gums.

Heart Research UK, which is based in the region, has already engaged with 10,000 primary school children across the country and will be focusing on schools in South Yorkshire throughout 2016.

The programme is being funded entirely by healthcare provider Simplyhealth. The hour-long sessions will be provided to children aged 7-11, by a fully qualified teacher, and will tie in with schools’ science curriculum. It aims to get children thinking about the importance of living healthy lifestyles to prevent coronary heart disease which is still the UK’s biggest killer.

Schools Speaker Coordinator Sharron Bright said: “We’re really excited about the continued delivery of this programme as it will not only help cover many of the programmes of study that schools deliver, it will also reinforce the good lifestyle habits that children should pick up at an early age.”

If your school is interested in hosting a session, contact Sharron on 0113 297 6214.