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Last year, the NHS was declared the best healthcare system by an international panel of experts who rated it superior to countries which spend far more on health.

In the US, if you are taken poorly and you have no health insurance, the paramedics won’t treat you: they call a mercy ambulance to send you to the mercy hospital. Once admitted, you have a 75 per cent chance of dying.

People there are dying due to a lack of medical care like never before, both the poor and the middle classes.

In a Panorama documentary in 2012, hundreds of middle class people without health insurance were shown driving through the night to a secret location in Tennessee to be treated by charity medics.

One man needed emergency treatment on a hernia, without which he would lose a leg through gangrene.

He rejected the operation because he was told it would cost $20,000 (£12,500).

A man in Cincinatti joined 14 million other Americans when his job as a sales rep went after the 2008 banking crisis, and with it his health insurance and months later, his house. Soon after, he was diagnosed with liver cancer.

The poorest people haggle in drug stores over the price of a prescription.

This is what would happen here if the Tories are re-elected. They detest the NHS so much, they want to destroy it and replace it with the American-style private insurance-based scheme.

Do you want an American-type health system? Think when you vote on May 7.

Steve Goulding