Young holidaymaker’s salmonella misery

Catherine Lowe
Catherine Lowe
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A YOUNG healthcare worker’s summer holiday was ruined when she fell ill with salmonella poisoning at a Bulgarian hotel - less than a year after four holidaymakers also suffered serious illness at the same resort.

Catherine Lowe, aged 24, travelled to the Laguna Park Hotel in the Sunny Beach area of Bulgaria in June.

But halfway through her 10-night stay she fell ill with diarrhoea and sickness after eating at the hotel’s restaurant.

Catherine needed to be hooked up to a drip, and was confined to her room for the rest of her holiday.

She has now instructed lawyers to investigate her case against tour operator Thomas Cook.

The incident follows a similar case in 2011, when four guests fell ill at the Laguna Park with similar symptoms.

Catherine, from Worsbrough, Barnsley, said: “This was supposed to be a perfect ‘girly’ holiday with my best friend, but it was an awful experience.

“This trip was supposed to be about having a laugh and chilling out and I certainly didn’t expect to get so ill.”

Tonia Kingsley, from law firm Irwin Mitchell, said: “When you set off for your summer holiday, the last thing you expect is to contract salmonella.

“We expect Thomas Cook to work with us to resolve her case quickly and fairly.”