Work starts on £1m Sheffield incineration plant

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News: Local, national and international news 24-hours a day.
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BUILDERS have begun work on a new £1 million carbon-neutral incinerator on the edge of Sheffield.

The plant at Oughtibridge, which will burn wood pellets to create electricity, is being built by the Infinergy company for refractory product firm Intermet.

The system feeds renewable bio-fuel pellets into a furnace, producing steam but no carbon dioxide or toxins – unlike other fuel sources including coal and gas. A heat exchange system uses the steam to power mini engines, which then in turn create electricity.

Intermet’s operations director, Julian Gray, said the ‘revolutionary new process’ would utilise waste heat fuelled by the renewable pellets.

He said: “The waste heat will be used to dry our foundry products whilst at the same time generating electricity through a steam engine.

“The electricity will be consumed at the plant with any excess energy being returned to the national grid.

Biomass pellets are a certified source of renewable energy and represent a far more stable fuel source from a cost perspective.

“We need to embrace new technology such as this that has the potential to help us in more effectively controlling our cost base and therefore remain competitive in the markets that we serve.”

Steve Mongan, of Infinergy, said: “Consider the 300 million years it took to lay down the world’s supply of fossil fuels – half of which is already gone – and now the world is using fuel faster than we can extract it from the ground and seas.

“It’s a sobering fact, which is why the future of energy has to be renewable. Bio-fuels are the way forward.”