Wheelchair amnesty launched across South Yorkshire

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A wheelchair amnesty has been launched by a South Yorkshire health trust.

Staff working within the Wheelchair Service at Rotherham Doncaster and South Humber NHS Foundation Trust (RDaSH), say that there are thousands of pounds worth of wheelchairs sat in people’s homes or garages that are no longer needed that could be recycled to help other patients.

Now, they have launched an amnesty, calling on patients who no longer need their wheelchairs, both powered, manual, and buggies – (a big version of a pushchair used for children with mobility problems) - to get in touch.

Diane McIntosh, the team leader of wheelchair services, which operates in the Doncaster area, said: “We know where all of our wheelchairs are, but we are not always made aware when people no longer need them. For example, someone may recover and be able to walk again . We need patients or patients’ family to return wheelchairs as soon as possible.

“Sometimes wheelchairs are kept by people ‘just in case’ they need them again, or they are put in garages out of the way.”

She added; “We are calling for people to return any wheelchairs they don’t require. Should they ever need the use of a wheelchair again, we would quickly provide one following a referral.

“As the spring approaches, we will be receiving more and more requests for wheelchairs.

“So please, if you have a wheelchair that you no longer need could you return it to us to allow us to help others as quickly as possible.”

Any wheelchairs can be returned to Wheelchair Services at Tickhill Road Hospital, Balby between Monday to Friday 8.30am – 4.30pm or ring 01302 566701 for the wheelchair to be collected..