Watch drinking during World Cup, South Yorkshire fans urged

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Ambulance chiefs are urging football fans across South Yorkshire to watch their drinking during the World Cup tournament to reduce the number of alcohol-related accidents and assaults.

Yorkshire Ambulance Service is laying on extra resources during busy times of the competition - including England’s first match against Italy tomorrow night, when supporters are expected to flock to pubs and bars screening the game.

Alcohol is often a factor in attacks on ambulance staff and domestic violence incidents, according to the trust.

David Williams, deputy director of operations, said: “We are not saying people shouldn’t enjoy themselves, but unfortunately ambulance clinicians have to pick up the pieces following alcohol-fuelled incidents, and valuable life-saving resources are often caught up responding to calls which perhaps could have been avoided.

“It’s easy to forget how much alcohol you have consumed when you are enjoying yourself and people don’t always stop to consider the consequences of their actions.”

The service says people should see their GP, call NHS 111, or visit a walk-in centre if their ailment is not life-threatening.