Toll of drink on hospitals

Thousands of people were admitted to hospital in South Yorkshire for drink-related reasons
Thousands of people were admitted to hospital in South Yorkshire for drink-related reasons
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More than 27,000 people in South Yorkshire were taken to hospital with diseases, injuries or conditions brought on by alcohol in a single year, new figures have revealed.

Official statistics show that in Sheffield there were 9,860 alcohol-related hospital admissions last year.

The hospital visits cover a range of diagnoses, from liver cirrhosis or epileptic fits sparked by drink, to boozy accidents.

Public health leaders and the NHS in Sheffield are urging people to change their behaviour to ease the burden placed on services by problem drinking.

Of the patients admitted in Sheffield, 6,200 were men and 3,670 were women, according to the figures from the Health and Social Care Information Centre, which cover 2012/13.

In Rotherham 5,310 people were admitted for drink-related reasons, while in Barnsley 5,500 were hospitalised. Doncaster saw 6,570 patients needing hospital treatment.

Dr Zak McMurray, clinical director at the NHS Sheffield Clinical Commissioning Group, said: “Where the public can support us by making more positive choices about their personal health we would very much like them to do so.

“With alcohol, as with many health conditions, the cost is greater once people are admitted to hospital.

“The right support to stay healthy, where possible in the home and in the community, is also of course what our patients want.”

Coun Mazher Iqbal, Sheffield Council’s cabinet member for communities and public health, added: “We work closely with the city’s health providers to support people with alcohol dependencies, with a range of treatments provided.

“However, we know that there are many more people who would benefit from reduced alcohol consumption and we urge them to get in touch.”

People aged over 18 in need of help for alcohol problems in Sheffield should call 0845 345 1549. Under-18s can get support from The Corner on 0114 275 2051.