Test your ears - at opticians

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A SPECSAVERS branch in Sheffield is looking after the ears as well as the eyes of the local community by offering hearing screenings free of charge.

The chain’s Crystal Peaks branch has a hearing screener which produces tones at different sound levels to identify hearing difficulties.

Results of the screening are instantaneous and patients who are showing symptoms of hearing loss are referred to Claire von Anrep, a registered hearing aid audiologist based within the same branch.

Gil Vasey, store director, said: “The hearing screener is a free service we offer to all our customers for them to take a pro-active role in their hearing care.

“Most people experience some form of hearing loss in their mid 70s and anyone over the age of 50 should certainly have a hearing a test. There are 700,000 deaf people in the UK and a hearing aid can dramatically improve a hard of hearing person’s quality of life.”

The branch is supporting Deaf Awareness Week, which runs this week to raise awareness of hearing loss.