Teen pregnancy rates in Doncaster at lowest level in a decade

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The number of teenagers falling pregnant in Doncaster is at the lowest level in a decade, new figures have revealed.

The current performance data from 2011 relating to under-18 conceptions in Doncaster is 36 per 1,000 – a reduction from a high point in 2003 of over 70 per 1,000.

This equates to 412 pregnancies in 2003 down to 204 in 2011 – 50 per cent fewer pregnancies.

Although the numbers are coming down they remain slightly higher than the national average of 31 per 1,000.

The figures are to be discussed today at the Doncaster Council schools, children and young people overview and scrutiny panel meeting.

The report states: “This improvement has narrowed the gap between Doncaster’s figures and the national data.”

One of the reasons given for the improvement is the Peer Education programme, targeting the most at-risk school age girls.

The report author says: “Sadly, due to lack of funding and interest this intervention ended 18 months ago, however I do feel it contributed to the reduction in numbers.”

In terms of school age pregnancy there have been between 25 to 40 referrals, reducing year on year.

The local authority and national data will be updated for 2012 at the end of February and with updated populations the rate of conception maybe lower in Doncaster.

Doncaster was named as one of the UK’s top teenage pregnancy hotspots in 2010.