Surgery first at women’s hospital

Dr Swati Jha
Dr Swati Jha
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A Sheffield hospital has become the first in the region to offer a new treatment which prevents women from requiring a hysterectomy for a painful condition.

The keyhole surgery procedure – known as sacrohysteropexy – is used at the Jessop wing to deal with uterine prolapse, where the womb slips from its normal position.

Most patients recover quickly from the operation and are able to return home the following day.

Previously, treating the condition required a hysterectomy which involved staying in hospital for around three days.

One of the first patients to undergo the surgery was grandmother Ann Staniland, aged 62, from Meersbrook, who put off surgery for 10 years until she learned of the new operation.

Ann, a gynaecology nurse, said: “Having the procedure has given me a new lease of life. I feel better physically and mentally when doing my day to day activities.”

Gynaecological surgeon Dr Swati Jha, from Sheffield Teaching Hospitals, added: “This innovative operation provides women with more treatment options and allows them to get back to their daily routines much quicker.”