South Yorkshire’s Carly goes for gold

Carly Tierney after turning her life around through bodybuilding
Carly Tierney after turning her life around through bodybuilding
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Bodybuilding beauty Carly Tierney is going for gold again this month to prove that strong is the new skinny.

The South Yorkshire woman, who overcame an eating disorder to transform her thin frame into a powerhouse, will flaunt her talents at the Pure Elite competition on April 25.

Carly, aged 31, of Woolley Grange, Barnsley, said: “My eating disorder started at the age of 14 and over the following 16 years it affected my physical and mental health, relationships, education, career and almost cost me my life.”

Carly decided to educate herself on her body and nutrition and signed up to do a Personal Training course. This led to her reading about bodybuilding.

She said: “I was inspired by the fact that the bodies that female athletes have are priceless. It’s one of the few things in life that you have to earn. It shows commitment, dedication and strength and, in my opinion, looks amazing.

“I looked at photos of myself with my skinny arms and realised that I looked, and felt, weak. I wanted my body to reflect the person I am inside - someone strong, capable and ambitious.”

Carly is now a professional athlete and won first place in the Miami Pro fitness and bodybuilding championships in London.