Sheffielder left unimpressed as ‘very brave’ Supermarket substitutes Henderson’s Relish in online shop

Henderson's Relish
Henderson's Relish
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If you’re from Sheffield, you are almost certainly familiar with our famous brown condiment.

Henderson’s Relish is something of a Sheffield institution - but one unimpressed Sheffielder has gone viral after sharing their online shopping substitution.

A shopper with Tesco was left with Lea & Perrins Worcestershire Sauce instead of the Henderson’s Relish they asked for from Tesco.

Twitter user @OurCowMolly said: “Dear Tesco...telling a Sheffielder you hope they find this a suitable substitution for Henderson’s Relish is VERY brave.”

It’s not the first time the two sauces have been centre of attention. In 2014, MP Jim Dowd suggested the sauce was a ‘copy’ of Lea & Perrin’s after he was handed a bottle in a restaurant.