Sheffield scientists help find study gaps

Dr Ingunn Holen
Dr Ingunn Holen
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Sheffield scientists have helped a charity to identify ‘critical gaps’ in breast cancer research which could cause 185,000 lives to be lost by 2030.

Four academics from Sheffield University’s oncology department contributed to a report by Breast Cancer Campaign, which called for ‘greater investment, collaboration and renewed focus’.

The group – Professor Nicola Brown, Dr Helen Bryant, Professor Angela Cox and Dr Ingunn Holen – helped write a list of the top 10 gaps and key research priorities in areas such as genetics, prevention, diagnosis, treatment and support.

The report, called The Gap Analysis, involved work by more than 100 scientists, clinicians and healthcare professionals around the world.

Areas which needed more research included understanding how genetic changes lead to the development of breast cancer.

Dr Holen said the Sheffield team made a ‘significant contribution’ to the analysis.

The charity said it is possible to overcome the disease – the UK’s most common form of cancer – completely by 2050, with increased investment.