Sheffield’s schoolboy’s fight sparks charity fundraising day

Ashton Borden, aged seven, suffers from Perthes Disease
Ashton Borden, aged seven, suffers from Perthes Disease
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When schoolboy Ashton Borden was limping and complaining of pain doctors were at a loss to know what was wrong.

His family thought he was a typical youngster and had banged his leg playing.

Ashton Borden, aged seven, from Sheffield suffers from Perthes Disease

Ashton Borden, aged seven, from Sheffield suffers from Perthes Disease

But five months later he was diagnosed with Perthes disease, where the top of the thigh bone softens and breaks down because the blood supply is inadequate.

Following his diagnosis in August 2014, Ashton, of Shiregreen, lost movement in his hip and had to undergo treatment in January.

He was in hospital on traction for a week before being put in a broomstick cast – where both legs are in plaster with a bar between them .

The Hartley Brook Primary pupil is now in braces and his family face a two-year wait to see if the treatment has worked or Ashton faces several operations.

His mother Michelle Borden and grandma Joyce Burgin, along with other members of his family, are organising a charity day on Sunday to raise money for, and awareness of the Perthes Association.

Joyce, of Shiregreen, said: “Perthes disease effects a lot of children. It involves blood that doesn’t flow properly to the leg, but until the child is in pain or limping no-one knows they have it.

“Every specialist treats it slightly different because they know so little about it.

“We have to wait at least two years until we know the blood has found another way into his leg. If not, it will result in a lot more operations. At his last X-ray they found that he hadn’t got any worse.

“Sometimes he needs a wheelchair to get about, but the NHS don’t pay for these. Ashton was lucky because as a family we clubbed together to get him one, but other children aren’t as fortunate.”

The Perthes Association provides mobility aids for youngsters, as well as supporting families and funding research into finding a cure.

Ashton’s family hope to raise vital funds and awareness for the charity at a fundraising day on Torksey Road and Torksey Road West, Shiregreen, on Sunday between 12pm and 5pm.

The event will feature a bouncy slide, live music, a raffle, various stalls and games.

Joyce added: “There is nothing worse than seeing him in pain so as a family we would like to raise awareness of Perthes disease and raise what we can to help fund research.

“Our community is so close and has been so supportive.”

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