Sheffield’s New Year babies start 2014 in style

James Blackburn and Sian Nicholson with new born baby son Archie James Robert born at 7.15am on New Years Day 2014
James Blackburn and Sian Nicholson with new born baby son Archie James Robert born at 7.15am on New Years Day 2014
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These little bundles of joy couldn’t wait to see in the New Year – as they were the first Sheffield babies to be born in 2014!

While the rest of the city was cracking open the champagne and singing Auld Lang Syne, expectant mums at the Jessop maternity wing were getting ready to give birth to their new arrivals.

And the first baby of 2014 was little Max Christopher Roddis, born to mum Vicky Heppenstall, aged 26, and her partner Christopher Roddis, 31, from Hillsborough.

Max was delivered at 12 minutes past one on New Year’s Day, weighing a healthy 7lb 1oz.

Vicky, a nurse, also has an older son Jake, two, with mechanic Christopher, and said she felt ‘tired but very happy’.

“I didn’t get into hospital until midnight, so it really didn’t take very long, but I’m glad he’s out now.

“I’m looking forward to all the joys of having another little boy – and some sleepless nights.”

A little later at 7.15am, 21-year-old Sian Nicholson gave birth to Archie James Robert Blackburn, her first baby with 19-year-old bricklayer James Blackburn.

Archie weighed 6lb 80z, and coffee shop worker Sian, from Lowedges, said her son’s special birthday made becoming a first-time mum ‘even more lovely’.

“I was taken to hospital at dinner time on New Year’s Eve and at midnight I was having contractions, but I didn’t mind, I knew my little one was coming.”

Sian said Archie even shares his birthday with her grandmother Elsie Nicholson, 68, born on January 1 in 1946.

“It’s definitely the most unusual day of the year to be born apart from Christmas Day,” she added.

Meanwhile, just 10 minutes after Archie, Francesca Flannery and Dan Cadman welcomed their third child, a baby boy, into the world at 7.25am.

The couple from Broomhall were yesterday still mulling over a name for their son, who weighed 7lb 15oz.

Dan, aged 45, an environmental consultant, said he and Francesca, 41, were ‘elated’.

“It’s fantastic, we’re feeling good – it’s a great start to the year, we’ve got a new baby and it couldn’t be better.”

Brave Francesca opted for a hypnobirth – involving special relaxation techniques – without painkillers.

“She did it all without drugs, it obviously works for her but we’re both very tired now,” added Dan.

He said they were eager to take him home to meet his sister Kitty, four, and brother Alexander, two.

“It’ll just be great, they’ll get on well together.”