Sheffield Pair launch website to help women beat drink

Lucy Rocca (left) and Anita Herbert, founders of Soberistas, a website aimed at women who drink too much alcohol.
Lucy Rocca (left) and Anita Herbert, founders of Soberistas, a website aimed at women who drink too much alcohol.
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FOR many women, it is seen as an ideal way to relax after a long, tiring day.

Too many glasses of wine, though, were taking their toll on Anita Herbert and Lucy Rocca, friends in Sheffield for nearly 20 years.

Recognising the danger signs, they decided to help each other to stop drinking - and it worked so well that they have set up a social network site to help women binge drinkers adopt a healthier and happier lifestyle.

Soberistas was launched this week with the aim of offering ‘a refreshing take on tackling the booze problem faced by hundreds of thousands of women’.

The site features information about diet, exercise, alcohol-related issues, personal stories written by women who have successfully conquered their booze crises, and book reviews about addiction, healthy lifestyle, self-help and spirituality.

Typically, Anita and Lucy want to help middle-income, middle-aged women, and they believe there are a lot of them who are turning to drink to relieve stress.

Anita, aged 41, who qualified as a nurse, lives in Broomhill with her husband and three children, and Lucy, aged 37, a university recruitment officer, lives in Greystones with her fiancé and two children. They describe themselves as loving running, cooking and eating healthy food, ‘raising happy families’ and say they are passionate about living alcohol-free.

It wasn’t always like that.

“We weren’t physically addicted to alcohol, but we were drinking way over the number of recommended units,” said Anita, who felt stressed when she lost a baby late in pregnancy.

For Lucy, pressure came from being a single mother.

The website has been described as a ‘Mumsnet for worried binge drinkers,’ and already the Sheffield women are building up a following.

Anita said: “We strongly believe that creating a community of women who have struggled or are struggling with alcohol can be really effective in helping people.”

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