Sheffield mum ‘could go home to die’

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A mum suffering from fatal liver disease aged just 35 could soon achieve her wish of returning home to die.

Beverley Pickorer is currently being given round-the-clock palliative care at Haythorne Place Care Home in Shiregreen as the tragic consequences of drinking up to 40 cans a day take their toll.

Last month her partner, Anthony Howard, aged 31, told The Star he wanted to look after Beverley at home in Parson Cross, but this had been deemed too costly by the NHS. Afterwards her plight made national headlines.

Now Anthony said he has been offered a training course in how to care for the mother-of-four, in the hope she will be allowed home on a trial basis.

“They’ve offered me two months’ worth of training and Beverley can come home for two weeks on a trial,” said Anthony.

“I love her so much, I will look after her and do anything she needs.”

He added: “Her condition isn’t any worse, but it isn’t any better either. It’s definitely fatal. It’s just not knowing when she’s going to go.”

Kevin Clifford, chief nurse at the NHS Sheffield Clinical Commissioning Group, said: “Whenever possible, the CCG looks to arrange care that is in the best interests of the patient and is agreeable to the family.

“This includes working with families to offer them a range of solutions, such as the opportunity to learn the skills needed to care for an individual at home.

“However, this can take several weeks and there is no guarantee that it will be successful in addressing the issues.

“The CCG can only support care for patients at home if that can be done in a safe and appropriate manner in which the individual’s care needs can be met.”

Beverley has spent the last nine months at Haythorne Place, where most other residents are OAPs. Prior to her move she spent four months in hospital.

Her drinking problems started in her early 20s.