Sheffield farmer is ‘inspiration’ after shedding 12 stone in 9 months

Neil Rogers .  Neil Rogers   of Cliffe House Farm
Neil Rogers . Neil Rogers of Cliffe House Farm
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A FARMER who used to feast on four chocolate bars a day is fighting fit after shedding nearly 12 stone in nine months.

Sheffield father-of-two Neil Rogers has been hailed an inspiration to slimmers after dropping 11st 12lbs since joining his local Slimming World club 38 weeks ago.

The 35-year-old has battled with his weight throughout his life, but he decided enough was enough after finding himself completely out of breath walking up a hill on a family holiday.

After his first weigh-in at 28st 13lbs, he followed the Slimming World diet religiously and made small lifestyle changes.

His efforts, such as swapping tractor travel to on-foot work on his farm and swimming once a week, have made a huge difference.

Now he is reaping the benefits of his remarkable weight loss, which has seen him drop 4lbs a week, allowing him to be more active with daughters Ellie, 10 and Bethany, eight.

He said: “I’ve always been built big but in the past three years it’s got a bit out of control. I’ve had a lot of stress and I’ve turned to food for comfort. My wife was in hospital and I started getting takeaways and junk food as the easy option.

“The nearer to 40 I got the more I thought if I don’t do something my health will really suffer in the future.

“I feel 150 per cent better in myself. My eldest daughter is a keen runner and I am keeping up with her for the first time. I’ve kept some of my old clothes to see the comparison.”

Neil, of Cliffe House Farm, High Bradfield, said: “I used to love Wispas. I was probably eating about three to four a day.”

While he admits he still has vices – including a hearty English breakfast – he now uses the Slimming World system to allow himself the occasional treat.

Kirsty Lockley from Slimming World said: “Neil is an absolute inspiration.

“I think a lot of men think that it’s more of a female thing, but he’s living proof it can work for everybody.”