Sheffield ambulance worker’s disgust after motorist refuses to let them past

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News: Local, national and international news 24-hours a day.
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A Sheffield ambulance worker was disgusted when a motorist refused to budge to allow them to respond to a call.

Val Unwin, of Arriva Ambulance Service, said the team had no choice but to call police when a driver would not let them past.

The ambulance, which ferries elderly and vulnerable passengers to and from hospital, had battled severe icy conditions to drop off an old lady on Saturday.

Val said: “It was no easy task pushing a wheelchair through the snow to her home. However, she was truly grateful and we made sure she was settled.

“Unfortunately, due to the conditions and abandoned cars we had no choice but to double park in order to get our patient home.”

Val and her colleague returned to the ambulance and needed to reverse out of Constable Road, Hemsworth, because the road ahead was unpassable.

However, the car driver behind refused to move.

Val said: “Several polite requests to let us out failed.

“Quite a big audience built up and still the family in the car refused to let us pass.

“By this time we had been asked to attend another patient.”

Val called the police and finally, after half an hour, the driver reversed five yards–reportedly making a rude hand gesture as the ambulance went past.

Asiya Jelani, for Arriva, said: “Arriva carries out more than 1,500 patient journeys every month in Sheffield and the majority of people are supportive and considerate of our crews.

“Many patients are elderly and vulnerable, often with long term conditions, so we are appreciative of the courtesy shown by other road users.

“Waiting just a few seconds for an ambulance to go past can make a big difference to the patient on board who may be in pain or discomfort.

“If a member of the public is obstructive then it makes the situation more difficult for our crew, which ultimately affects the care they can provide for the patient.”

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