Rotherham Hospice launches new home care service

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Rotherham Hospice is to provide a 24-hour service to support patients at home as they come towards the end of their lives.

The hospice and Marie Curie are funding the service, which will allow people to spend their last days at home.

Carers will be able to speak to a nurse on the phone and will receive a home visit within the hour if the call for help.

The service comes after a successful pilot scheme.

Rotherham Hospice chief executive, Christopher Duff said: “ “We are delighted our Hospice@Home service has been hailed as the future of palliative care and to be bringing this service - unique outside London- to the people of Rotherham.

“Just 18 months ago, Rotherham had very small volunteer-led form of respite care in which someone would sit in a person’s home while relatives went out, but there was no ability to allow people who needed full hospice care to get this anywhere other than the hospice.

“This new 24/7 practical and emotional support service our families have been crying out for will also save almost £1.4 million in hospital admissions each year.”