Pumps feed early babies

Jake Jenkin
Jake Jenkin
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Babies born prematurely will be getting the health benefits of their mothers’ milk with a set of new machines donated to Sheffield Children’s Hospital.

Three specialist electric breast pumps – which mimic the way a full-term baby feeds and encourage milk flow – have been funded by the Children’s Hospital Charity.

Breast milk is particularly important for tiny babies whose intestines are often not fully developed, leaving them vulnerable to infections in their gut.

They need the antibodies in their mothers’ milk to fight off infection.

Mum Suzanne Jenkin used one of the £1,750 machines when her son Jake was born two months early last year.

She said: “I used the pump so I could give him breast milk, and to stimulate my own supply so I could continue to feed him when he was strong enough.”

Anita Ellis, infant feeding co-ordinator at the children’s hospital trust, said: “It is so important for premature babies to have the benefits of breast milk. It can be lifesaving.”

Funds are still needed to pay for two further pumps.

n To make a donation, call 0114 271 7203.