President ‘honour’ for sexual health expert

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AN EXPERT in gender and sexual medicine based in Sheffield has been appointed as the new president of the World Association of Sexual Health.

Prof Kevan Wylie, a consultant based at the Porterbrook Clinic in Nether Edge, said it was ‘an honour’ to take on the voluntary role.

The association works with organisations such as the World Health Organisation and United Nations to highlight issues such as maternal health, while promoting access for all to sex education.

“It promotes awareness of sexual health in the broadest sense which includes respecting diversity, and the right for all to have sexual freedom, sexual privacy, and sexual equality,” said Prof Wylie.

The association also brings together medics from around the world to share the latest knowledge and research. The information is then adapted and shared to suit different countries and cultures.

Prof Wylie will spend a year in the job, continuing his work at the Porterbrook Clinic at the same time.