Pregnancy fitness programme

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MUMS-to-be in Barnsley are being encouraged to be healthier and fitter during pregnancy through a new exercise referral scheme.

Barnsley Hospital NHS Foundation Trust’s Maternity Unit is working in partnership with NHS Barnsley, GP practices and Barnsley Premier Leisure to offer pregnant women 24 free sessions at Barnsley Metrodome, where expectant mothers can attend the gym, go swimming or join classes such as pilates or yoga.

Anne Smith, public health specialist midwife at the hospital, said: “When people talk about giving your baby the best start in life everyone thinks about the time when the baby is born, but actually it begins well before that – being a healthy mum-to-be is the best way to give your baby a healthy start.

“Eating for two is a common misconception in pregnancy that can often lead to excessive weight gain. You do need a bit of an extra energy in the last 12 weeks of pregnancy but it’s only actually an extra 200 calories a day - the equivalent of two slices of toast.”