Pioneering cancer study grant

Dr Claudio Giachino
Dr Claudio Giachino
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A RESEARCHER at Sheffield University has been awarded a prestigious fellowship as part of a series of grants given to new investigators who are set to become the eminent cancer scientists of the future.

Dr Claudio Giachino will receive a six-year Career Development Fellowship award totalling £1,100,000 from Cancer Research UK.

It is one grant in a series totalling £12m which are supporting promising junior researchers.

Dr Giachino will use the fellowship to better understand how stem cells in the brain are stimulated to form tumours, which will hopefully provide a way to stop the uncontrolled cell growth that can lead to glioma, the commonest form of brain cancer.

He said: “This fellowship is central to my career.

“With the support of the Cancer Research UK I will be able to significantly advance my work and assume a more forward role in research.

“I will take advantage of the funds to make an original contribution to the advance of the glioma field.”