Patients reveal ratings for GP care in survey

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PATIENTS in Sheffield have given their out of hours GP service the thumbs-up in an independent national survey.

Results from the 2012 GP Patient Survey show patient satisfaction was high – although there were concerns about waiting times.

In Sheffield, some 78 per cent of almost 10,000 respondents said their experience of their regular GP’s surgery was good.

Meanwhile, 70 per cent said the out of hours service was ‘very good’ or ‘fairly good’, although 33 per cent said it took too long to be seen.

Some 24 per cent of people said it was not easy to get through to their surgery on the phone, while one in four – 25 per cent – were unhappy about being overheard in the reception area.

In a further criticism, 37 per cent of patients said surgery waiting times were too long.

Some 69 per cent of respondents asked for more surgeries to open in the evenings after 6.30pm and during the weekends.