No answers in mum’s tragedy

Lucus James Nicholas Michael Perry-Tierney.
Lucus James Nicholas Michael Perry-Tierney.
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A grieving mum is still searching for answers after the tragic cot death of her first child.

Kirsty Perry, from Mexborough, had previously suffered a miscarriage and an ectopic pregnancy before giving birth to Lucus James Nicholas Michael Perry-Tierney last summer.

But the three-month-old tot was found lifeless in his cot in his mum’s bedroom on November 6, and a post-mortem examination failed to establish a cause for his death.

Police say there were no suspicious circumstances and no-one was at fault for what happened to Lucus.

But Kirsty, aged 24, of Whitelee Road, said after a natural causes verdict was recorded at the Doncaster inquest: “I’ve got no answers to why Lucus died, so there’s no closure.

“They’ve looked at this problem for years, why haven’t they found what causes it?”

The paediatric pathologist who carried out the post-mortem examination, Dr Luiz Cesar Peres, said Lucus was well nourished and cared for and there was no sign of infection.

He said there was no sign of ill-treatment or suffocation and the only cause of death he could give was Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

“We see it in many different babies unfortunately, usually in the first year of life, mostly between three and four months. Nobody knows what happens,” said Dr Peres.

“Children are apparently completely normal and then die suddenly in their sleep. It is much more common in male than female babies. It usually happens in babies that are sleeping, and in winter.”

Ms Perry said she felt Lucus was crying more in the days before he died and was ‘quite snuffly’.

On November 6 she was woken at 5.50am by Lucus and she gave him a bottle and they both went back to sleep. “I woke at 10am and he was face down. I touched him and he didn’t move. I could see his lips were blue,” she said.

Assistant Coroner Geoffrey Saul said he was satisfied it was a natural cause of death.