My back pain was a baby boy, says Sheffield mum

Fatima Williams with her baby son Mason in Darnall
Fatima Williams with her baby son Mason in Darnall
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Shocked mum Fatima Williams was rushed to hospital with back pain - and minutes later gave birth to a baby boy with a single push.

The stunned 39-year-old from Sheffield had no idea she was even pregnant.

She thought she had simply put on weight - and only weeks before going into labour was told by a GP her painful stomach cramps were muscle spasms.

Today the proud mum to baby Mason told The Star she is ‘alright now - but very shocked at first’.

“It will be something to tell him when he’s older, that he was my surprise baby!” she said. “It is remarkable.”

Fatima - already a mother-of-three and a grandma - first went to her doctor with stomach cramps in January.

“I didn’t know I was pregnant,” she said. “They felt my stomach and said it was muscle spasms. I suffer from polycystic ovaries and I thought I was just gaining weight.

“The stomach cramps were pretty bad. I couldn’t walk, I thought I had pulled a muscle or something like that. In fact it would have been Mason moving in my tummy, that’s what I could feel.

“I just carried on as normal. I was drinking alcohol all the way through the pregnancy because I didn’t know anything about it, and I took painkillers as well.”

On March 18, at about 1.30pm, Fatima was suddenly struck down by severe back pain while at home on Colister Drive in Darnall.

“I had to call an ambulance,” she said. “I started with back pain but it was getting worse.

“I rang 999 and I went to the Northern General Hospital. They put me in a room, and once I was on the bed I felt as if I needed to push down, but the nurse just gave me a bed pan and left the room.

“She said if I needed her I should press the call button. As soon as she went out of the room I felt the need to push again, so I pressed the button and all the doctors came rushing back in.

“Then the nurse said, ‘You’re having a baby!’. One push was all it took and the baby came out. It was so quick, he came straight out.”
Fatima - already mum to Natalie, 22, Kyle, 20, and Courtney, 14, and grandmother to Natalie’s children aged three and 18 months - said she was stunned to give birth 14 years since she last had a child.

But, six months on, she’s settled back into the old routine of nappies, feeding and baby changing, with her partner of eight years Dave Ahmer, aged 44.

“It’s all settled down now and we’re happy about it,” she said. “Mason was an uncle straight away when he was born, which seems unusual and strange!

“But Dave is over the moon, and very happy with it being his first baby, even though we’ve never planned to have children.

“I’ve helped with the grandchildren so it’s not so bad, I’m not completely out of practice.”

Mason was born weighing 5lb 1oz at around 36 weeks - a rough estimate given his unexpected birth - and afterwards was taken straight across the city to the Jessop maternity wing.

Fatima added: “They’ve not had a baby born in the Northern General for years!”