Mum welcomes artwork that celebrates life of teen daughter at Sheffield hospital

Skyes brother, Mikey and mum, Helen, with Claire Croxall (NHS Blood & Transplant), Mir Jansen (Arts in Health team), Helen Brown (Organ Donation Services Team) and artist, Stella Corrall.

A mum who lost her daughter to a blood clot has welcomed a new art exhibition in her memory.

Helen Thompson’s daughter, Skye Thompson, died at the age of 17 almost three years ago due to a carotid artery thrombosis which caused a stroke.
As her next of kin, Helen decided donate Skye’s organs and she said the installation, which is funded by Sheffield Hospitals Charity called ‘Thank you for Life’, will celebrate the gift of life Skye made to many people.
Helen, who works as a Clinical Support Worker for Respiratory Outpatients at the Northern General Hospital, said: “Skye wasn’t replying to my texts or calls one morning so I went to check on her. I found her unconscious and fitting on the bathroom floor. 
”Doctors found she had swelling on her brain and later it was found that she had no brain activity. She passed away that night.“There is no greater gift than your children. For me this memorial means a lot. When I look at it I will always remember that some people are living when my daughter is sadly no longer here.”
The artwork which has been designed by artist Stella Corrall, and shows the varying aspects of organ donation, from those in need to those wishing to give and those who have had lives transformed. 
The artwork, which cost £5,000 and was funded by Sheffield Hospitals Charity, is now in the Chesterman entrance at the Northern General Hospital for all to see.

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