Mum set to sue South Yorkshire hospital over tragic Millie’s birth

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News: Local, national and international news 24-hours a day.
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A GRIEVING mum is taking legal action against a hospital after her baby was starved of oxygen at birth.

Millie Lyman developed cerebral palsy and other medical problems after oxygen to her brain was interrupted as she was born. Tragic Millie later died aged four, after suffering a cardiac arrest caused by a severe infection, a Sheffield inquest heard.

Her mum Emma Lee, 26 – who was praised by both the coroner and a consultant for her care of Millie – has handed the matter to solicitors.

Ms Lee, a teaching assistant from Cudworth, Barnsley, said after the hearing: “I’ve consulted a solicitor about taking civil action against the hospital. Her care after her birth was brilliant, but at birth Millie was starved of oxygen and was distressed.

“We’re looking into what caused the oxygen starvation as all Millie’s health problems seemed to stem from there.”

Millie was born by Caesarean section at Barnsley Hospital in May 2006.

There had been concerns over her heart rate before birth, and on scores given to newborns for heart rate, breathing, muscle tone and skin colour, Millie scored only five out of 10. She was later found to have cerebral palsy which the inquest heard ‘might have been caused by a hypoxic brain injury’.

She went on to have problems with communication, learning and movement.

In May last year Millie was admitted to the emergency department at Barnsley Hospital with breathing difficulties. She was transferred to Sheffield Children’s Hospital where, despite the best efforts of medics, she ‘deteriorated very rapidly’ and died.

Delivering a narrative verdict, assistant deputy coroner Julian Fox said: “Millie suffered hypoxia at birth which caused her to develop a number of medical problems.”

Praising Ms Lee, he added: “I can’t even begin to imagine what it must be like for you to lose your child so young.”