Mum knows best when operation day gets near

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Sam Turner survived breast cancer and is having a double mastectomy soon to avoid suffering the genetic disease again.

The mum-of-one, aged 35, from Mosborough, Sheffield, is writing a weekly diary for The Star to help other women who face making the same decision...

“Less than a week to go and I’m getting very nervous now. We had a great time at the weekend and it took my mind off it but, oh my, it is very close now.

“I had started to put out a few things on my spare bed that I thought I should take in my hospital bag – then I get to my mum’s to find she has been to my house and picked them up to take home and iron.

“It will be the first time I have worn ironed pyjamas since I was a baby.

“Now whenever I put them on in hospital it will make me smile.

“I’ve started to write down all Emma’s activities and what she needs for each so that she doesn’t miss anything.

“I keep talking to her about it and so far she seems fine.

“The doubts have started but this is something I have to do so I can stop worrying about the cancer returning.

“I can see why people choose not to go through with this but for me, having already had cancer at 30 and knowing how quickly it grew, I can’t take that chance again.

“I want to be around to see Emma grow into a woman, so however scared I am I will do it for that reason.”

“Robbie Williams concert this weekend to distract me and if anyone can I’m sure he can.”