Mother’s Day miracle mum thanks Sheffield surgeons

Grateful: Mum Pam Stanwix with her little boy Arthur.
Grateful: Mum Pam Stanwix with her little boy Arthur.
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SHEFFIELD mum Pam Stanwix has added cause to celebrate Mother’s Day tomorrow - with the baby son she managed to have despite suffering a rare and dangerous tumour the size of a grapefruit.

Pam, aged 31, from Abbeydale, was at high risk of being unable ever to have children because of the giant growth, but doctors at Sheffield’s Jessop maternity wing managed to skilfully remove the tumour and deliver her little boy, Arthur.

She said it was ‘such a relief’ to hold her baby for the first time - while Dr Remon Keriakos, who oversaw the operation, said he had never seen a tumour so large during pregnancy.

He said Arthur managed to survive the birth ‘against all the odds’.

Before Arthur was conceived Pam, a veterinary nurse, had been referred to the Jessop wing for tests and medics initially discovered a cervical fibroid the size of an orange.

They warned Pam needed an operation to remove it could lead to her needing a hysterectomy.

Dr Keriakos, consultant obstetrician and gynaecologist at the hospital, said: “It is rare to see very large cervical fibroids, I have seen only two of this size during my career of 30 years, and none at all during pregnancy.

“Pam informed us she wanted to get pregnant - and she was advised to try sooner rather than later, as we explained there was a high risk of her needing a hysterectomy if the fibroid was removed.

“It is rare to see someone with a large cervical tumour getting pregnant quickly but, miraculously, Pam got pregnant soon afterwards.”

The doctor and his team monitored Pam carefully throughout, as her condition significantly increased the risk of miscarriage and pre-term labour.

He added: “The fibroid increased dramatically though the pregnancy to reach a size similar to the baby’s head, but against all the odds the pregnancy continued with the baby remaining well.”

A Caesarean section was arranged two weeks ahead of her due date, but Pam went into labour a week before the planned procedure, and the C-section was brought forward. The operation went well, and Arthur was born weighing 6.8lbs.

Dr Keriakos added: “I took Pam back into theatre five weeks after her Caesarean to remove the large tumour. 
“We were able to remove the entire fibroid, and preserve Pam’s future fertility. We were pleased to see how well Pam recovered afterwards and are delighted she has now returned to full health.”

Pam is now a full-time mum to Arthur, aged one, and lives with her husband William, who owns a firm which constructs eco-friendly buildings.

“It was such a relief to hold Arthur for the first time, ” she said. “He seemed completely oblivious to the struggle we had gone through to get him here! 
“I am very grateful to the doctors - I couldn’t have wished for more than the care I received.

“Dr Keriakos was absolutely fantastic, he was there to support me every step of the way.”