More motivated with health tip text messages

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TEXT messages telling parents ‘it’s not far, ditch the car’ helped families to lead healthier lives, NHS chiefs say.

Information about local exercise schemes and healthy eating tips were sent to people in text messages by NHS Derbyshire County in a £10,000 pilot scheme last year.

A survey has now shown more than 75 per cent of parents said the texts were the best way to access information.

Reducing rising rates of obesity is the aim behind the campaign.

Jane Hicken, children’s obesity coordinator, said: “Motivating families towards making those small, but significant steps towards a healthier life is important if we are to see a reduction in the numbers of people who are overweight.

“We’re absolutely delighted with the results of this survey, which demonstrate just how powerful texts can be in the fight against obesity and the impact they can have on kick-starting families into making those difficult, but critical changes to better health.”

The programme ran from February to July last year. A full evaluation has been submitted to Government.