Midwifery staff given laptops to speed up care

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Midwives and nurses in South Yorkshire have been issued with laptops to speed up services for mums-to-be.

Nearly 40 community and senior midwives and specialist nurses at Barnsley Hospital have been given Fujitsu notebook computers, which can be used to update pregnant patients at home instantly with test results.

The hospital estimates that around 2,600 working hours will be saved across the midwifery service. Previously, staff would have had to phone relevant hospital departments to receive test results.

Matron Sandra Newman said she came up with the idea of using laptops.

“While working as a community midwife, I experienced the frustration of time taken with phone calls and travelling, taking midwifery time away from patients,” she said.

“Instant access to laboratory results and information reduces time wasted with phone calls and travelling for midwives, improving quality of care for patients by increasing contact time and providing results of tests instantly. There is also the added benefit of reducing cost and stress in the workplace.”

Community midwife Kerry Turner added: “The notebook has made my job easier. I can focus on my patient and her needs.”