MEP wants implant ads ban

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Yorkshire MEP Linda McAvan has called for a ban on advertising for breast implant surgery.

The Sheffield-based Labour politician set out her views last night during a debate in the European Parliament.

MEPs will vote today on proposals to deal with the breast implant scandal, which led to faulty implants being inserted in an estimated 40,000 British women. New rules to govern the manufacturing and testing of medical devices implanted into humans will be agreed later this year, and the European Parliament is to vote on its views on the changes needed today.

Ms McAvan said: “A common thread this scandal has highlighted is just how casually cosmetic surgery is presented.

“Anyone who has flicked through the back of a women’s magazine will know the prevalence of advertising for cosmetic surgery.

“There is little attempt to explain the extent of various procedures or that some operations are a life-long commitment that will require continued surgery, whether it is to replace them as they wear out or to remove them entirely.”