Long service award for ambulance man

Trevor Dale with his Yorkshire Ambulance Service award
Trevor Dale with his Yorkshire Ambulance Service award
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A MAN who has devoted his life to the safety and care of others has received an award in recognition of his long service over the past four decades.

Trevor Dale retired officially from Yorkshire Ambulance Service last November, but is still continuing to work three days a week in the emergency planning department.

The 63-year-old worked his way up through the ranks to get to his high profile position within the team – but still says the best times of his life were spent out on the road delivering frontline care.

He said: “It’s the best job in the world, getting out there in the ambulance and treating patients.

“It’s so rewarding and you get such job satisfaction from helping people.”

Trevor said there had been many high and low points during his career, which began in 1971.

The Hillsborough disaster of April 1989 is something forever etched on his mind, as well as the conflicts of the Miners’ Strikes of 1984-85.

The dad-of-two and grandfather-of-one, from Wharncliffe Side, said of the football disaster: “It was a nightmare – the worst experience you could think of.

“To see that many people killed and injured on a bright, sunny day, which should have been such a fun occasion, was just awful.

“What happened will always stay with me.”

But he added there had been plenty of highlights too.

He said: “I’ll always remember the first baby I delivered. I was telling the mum not to worry, that I’d done it loads of times before – but I think I was sweating more than she was!

“She asked for my name and said they’d call their lad after me, but I told them not to bother!”

He added: “I’m not normally one for awards – you’re just doing your job after all.

“It was nice to receive recognition – even though that’s not why you do it, you do it to make a difference.”