Life’s going swimmingly for Sheffield pensioners

John and Ann Rogers at Ponds Forge Internation Sports Centre, Sheffield.
John and Ann Rogers at Ponds Forge Internation Sports Centre, Sheffield.
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A Sheffield pensioner who had a triple heart bypass operation and two knee replacements is still keeping fit - after taking up swimming with his wife.

John Rogers, aged 71, underwent the operation in 2000 and at a recent check-up was advised by his doctor that he needed to get more exercise.

Since then, he and his wife, Ann, who live in Handsworth, have been swimming at Ponds Forge International Sports Centre twice a week and they haven’t looked back.

Ann, aged 69, explains: “We used to go out for walks with our dog, but sadly we lost her a few years ago and since then John’s knees have made it harder for him to walk as much. We both wanted to stay active and so we decided to give swimming a try.”

As well as his heart operation John has also had two knee replacements which have made exercise difficult.

He said: “Swimming’s been great for me because it lets me exercise without putting pressure on my legs. 
“When I told the doctor about going swimming he said that there was nothing finer I could be doing.”

John and Ann are regular visitors to Ponds Forge, swimming in the main leisure pool where they have enjoyed the benefits of the wave machine.

Ann said: “The waves gently help you around. It’s great because you can still exercise but it doesn’t leave you breathless.

“We catch the number 30 bus and it drops us just up the road and it’s only a short walk which is great for us, especially with John’s knees.”

Bev Baker, aquatics manager at Ponds Forge, said: “Swimming is an excellent way for people of all ages to stay healthy. The water takes your weight and so joints are not put under any strain like they would be if you were running.”