Last week’s dish, tried & tasted

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Tanya Marie De-Birkinshaw, 23, from Scawthorpe in Doncaster, a carer and model, took the Ready, Steady cookery challenge and put Bentley beauty queen Charlotte Lister’s JCI UK Pound A Day charity challenge recipe to the test:

“I heard Charlotte was living on £1 a day for food for a week for Arthritis Research and thought I’d try her veggie curry. It wasn’t as bad as I thought, considering it only cost 40p to make,” says Tanya. “The sauce was a bit boring though; I think it could do with some extra seasoning. Some dried herbs or spices wouldn’t add much to the cost, but would add a lot more flavour.

“But it is a good dish health-wise. It helps towards your five day as its just vegetables in the ingredients. “Surprisingly, the meal did fill me up. I don’t think I would have it again, but I would try to cook more curries using only vegetables and a more seasoned ready-made sauce.”