Killamarsh couples are weight loss wonders

Left to right: Jessica Mitchell, Jack Mitchell, Sarah Cardwell, Wayne Fletcher and Dawn Fletcher
Left to right: Jessica Mitchell, Jack Mitchell, Sarah Cardwell, Wayne Fletcher and Dawn Fletcher
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Two Killamarsh couples have proven to be weight loss leaders after shedding nearly 15 stone between them.

Dawn and Wayne Fletcher and Jack and Jessica Mitchell all shed the pounds with the help of their local Slimming World groups and became two of just 23 couples from across the UK and Ireland who were in line for a company award but missed out.

The four believed that their success has come from support from one another at home and across the group.

Dawn Fletcher, aged 44, said: “Wayne and I have lost eight stone between us. Doing this together has made a big difference because we understood how the other person was feeling and didn’t ever feel like we were alone on our weight-loss journey.”

She added that cooking fresh meals together and getting out walking and cycling really helped them shed the stones.

The pair were then selected by their weight loss group as ‘Couple of the Year 2015’ and to represent them at the national finals of the competition at Slimming World’s head office in Derbyshire.

Another pair from the same Killamarsh centre also were nominated to take part in the finals after losing nearly seven stone between them.

Jessica Mitchell, aged 22, said: “Jack and I feel honoured to have been chosen to represent our group and we were absolutely delighted to take part in the finals.

“If I’m honest though, the competition is really just the icing on the cake because we already feel like we’ve won the biggest prize anyway – losing weight has completely changed our lives and we’ve got a healthier future together now.”

Sarah Cardwell, who runs the Killamarsh Slimming World groups, that both couples attend, said: “I’m so proud of all four of them. The way they motivate and inspire the other members in the group – and me – is amazing.

“Now I hope they’ll show even more people what’s possible and inspire other couples who want to slim down to become happier and healthier in the same way that they’ve done.”