Inquest told Sheffield hospital ‘missed’ hip fracture before pensioner’s death

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News: Local, national and international news 24-hours a day.
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A PENSIONER died two months after medics failed to spot she had broken her hip after a fall, an inquest heard.

Consultant Dr David Da Costa told the hearing at Sheffield’s Medicolegal Centre that medics at the city’s Northern General Hospital hadn’t picked up grandmother Irene Goodison’s injury.

The court heard the 93-year-old – a season ticket holder at Sheffield United – was admitted to the hospital after a fall at home last December.

But she was sent back into respite care days later, still suffering from a hip fracture which medical staff had failed to detect.

Doctors told her family they found no sign of a fracture on X-rays of Mrs Goodison’s pelvis.

It was only when her daughter Kay Baldry dialled 999 to get her mother re-admitted out of desperation they realised the widow had an impacted fracture – where one fragment of bone is firmly driven into another.

Mrs Baldry told the inquest: “After the fall she was crying out in pain. I’d never heard her do that before. She was a stoic woman.”

Mrs Goodison had a successful operation for the fracture, but her condition continued to deteriorate and she died two months later.

A post mortem found she died from pneumonia likely to have been caused by immobility following her injury.

The inquest heard delay in Mrs Goodison’s treatment was not a direct cause of her death, but was likely to have caused her a lot of pain in the last months of her life.

Dr Da Costa said: “If there is a suspicion a patient has suffered an impacted fracture we go on to do more detailed scans which are much more sensitive.

“In retrospect this is what should have happened with Mrs Goodison.”

A verdict is expected to be recorded today.