In memory of loving grandfather

Roderick Hillman
Roderick Hillman
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The granddaughter of a South Yorkshire man who died when a vital blood vessel suddenly burst is urging men aged over 65 to join a screening programme.

Roderick Hillman, aged 72, collapsed and died at his home from an abdominal aortic aneurysm, despite having shown no untoward symptoms beforehand.

The NHS has set up a screening programme - and Roderick’s granddaughter, Alisha, says older men shouldn’t hesitate to sign up.

“He wasn’t suffering from any symptoms before he died,” said Alisha.

“He was fit and active, he was a boxer when he was in the Army, and he kept himself busy after he retired by delivering the local newspaper.

“All he’d complained of when we were last with him was a slight headache, so his death came totally out of the blue.”

Roderick, nicknamed Rocky, from Treeton, Rotherham, was visiting Alisha at her home in Calow, Chesterfield, in the hours before he died last March.

He left her house at 11pm, promising to see her the next day, but suffered the aneurysm when he arrived back in Treeton.

The condition happens when the main blood vessel in the abdomen - the aorta - weakens. If undetected, the bulging aorta can burst, causing a medical emergency.

Around 6,000 people die from the illness every year. The screening test is a quick ultrasound scan.

Men over 65 who have not previously been screened can email or call 01709 321 189 to arrange a test.