Humour helping dad mourn son

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LUCK by name... luck by nature?

That’s what Sheffield dad David Luck is hoping for at his stand-up comedy debut tonight.

And he has a very special inspiration.

David is taking part in the charity stand-up night at The Consort Hotel in Thurcroft to raise money for Bluebell Wood Children’s Hospice.

“My son Ben was five years old when he developed a brain tumour last summer,” explained David, aged 37.

“Early this year we were told the treatment was not working. He died in the end-of-life suite at Bluebell Wood in April.”

It’s been a traumatic year for David, his wife Louise and their nine-year-old son Joe, but now the family from Handsworth are hoping a little humour will start the healing process.

David and 12 other wannabe comedians began their comedy training two weeks ago, attending workshops and practising their material together.

“The group ranges from people who fancy themselves as the next Michael McIntrye to people who’ve been told by their wives they’re taking part to support the cause,” laughed David.

“When I told people I was going to be doing this, the most common response was deafening silence!

“But I have a group of guys coming from work, and I manage a few of them so I’ve told them - laugh or there’ll be consequences.”

The comedians will each perform for five minutes, with all money raised at the event going towards the hospice.

“Our time at Bluebell with Ben was so precious,” David said.

“It’s because of them we managed to survive this unbearable time in our lives.

“We can’t thank them enough for the way they cared for Ben, and the way they cared for us.

“We will never stop supporting them.”

David has been practising for his debut by running constantly through his material.

“I’ve gone for observational humour, lots of self-deprecation,” he said with a worried smile.

And he admits that, in times of doubt, all he’s had to do is think of his son.

“Ben was unbelievably brave,” he said.

“He rarely complained and just kept going.

“I can do this for him.”